Water Tower Inspections

Water Tower Coating Inspections

Providing knowledgeable inspection services from project inception to final sign off, James Orr Coating Inspection uses 30+ years of experience to ensure quality completion of your project.  As a certified NACE inspector, James Orr Coating Inspection is able to provide inspections for new tank construction, and evaluate existing interior and exterior coatings.  Our skilled inspectors thoroughly examine each step of new tank construction to provide expert representation for key stakeholders. Using advanced tools, our inspectors can accurately assess the quality and specification compliance at each step of tank construction and rehabilitation. 

From zero downtime interior inspections using remote operated submersibles to full tank drain out inspections, James Orr Coating Inspection is able to offer various levels of inspection services to best meet your needs, budget, and required timeframe. Using aerial drones in conjunction with physical inspection, we are able to provide a comprehensive view into the exterior conditions of your tank.  We provide full video and photographic reports from all inspections, which serve to inform various project stakeholders and allow for accurate planning and budgeting of future projects.