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Wisconsin DNR Water Inspections: ROV, Drain, Dive & Float

James Orr

Coating Inspection Services

Specialists in weld, coating, and corrosion inspection for water tower and wastewater systems in the greater Midwest area.

Water tower inspections

Our comprehensive water tower inspection services from factory floor to project completion.

Wastewater Tank Inspections

Inspection services for new wastewater construction and renovation of existing systems.

Welding Inspections

Certified inspectors of tank welds, measurement, and corrosion analysis of existing welds.

Pressure Washing

Get your tank professionally evaluated while we clean it, and get an accurate overcoat assessment or complete exterior coating removal projection.

How can we help you

Comprehensive photo and video reports of all tank and site conditions, providing a detailed view into the current condition of your tank to inform future project decisions. 


NACE and AWS Certified


Aerial Drone and Underwater ROV Inspection Capabilities


Detailed and thorough inspection reporting


Flexible project scheduling


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What we do

Why choose us

Hard working and dependable, we aim to provide seamless and timely inspection services for all your project needs.  With 30+ years of experience in the tank coating industry, let us use our expertise to ensure safe and timely project completion.

Honest and dependable

Our team does the hard work on the ground to ensure that you are provided with detailed and fully independent reporting.  We never cut corners and work tirelessly to keep it that way.

We are always improving

We are dedicated to advancing the inspection field by investing in our team.  At James Orr Coating Inspection, we spend time to continue honing our skills, and developing techniques to provide better service for you.

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We believe we provide the best service, but don’t take our word for it.  Our customers believe in our service too.

Extremely knowledgeable and experienced as a NACE certified inspector. I would highly recommend James Orr Coating Inspection, LLC for future weld and coating inspection services.

Patrick S. Planton

PE, MBA Project Manager, Baxter & Woodman Consulting Engineers